What about "Tobacco Addiction"?

Addiction is a tricky concept when applied to nicotine and cigarettes. Many of my clients have told me that they are addicted to cigarettes, and yet when asked about their experiences with smoking they reveal some contradictory information. They say, for example, that they go all day at work without wanting or even thinking about a cigarette "because" smoking isn't allowed there. They sleep comfortably all night without waking up from desire for a cigarette or withdrawal symptoms, even though during the day they might experience real discomfort if they had to go an hour or two without smoking. A heroin addict would not sleep through the night or wait 6 hours at work for a fix because it was inconvenient to shoot up. In light of that, there do seem to be some fundamental differences between tobacco "addiction" and heroin "addiction", don't there? My experience with clients has been that once they have come to full agreement consciously and unconsciously to be finished with tobacco that they experience no withdrawal symptoms after quitting.

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